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 Lead Designer: Carole Cobban  The client’s brief was to produce a ”monastic”, tranquil environment by using a minimal vocabulary of materials throughout the living, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom areas. When we completed the redesign of this mezzanine, penthouse, riverside apartment in London there was a 30% increase in floor space. We achieved this primarily by rationalising the services, such as water tanks and boilers, in the loft space. The success of this project was largely due to the close collaboration between the client, the designer and the contractor.  London, UK   Client: Private  Project Status: Completed  Budget: Confidential
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 ALEKSA studio were commissioned to take the project from planning to completion to include a new ground floor rear extension, roof modifications, new roof dormers and internal and external refurbishment to a large detached family house. The new rear ground floor extension will span 9m. and will boast large glass sliding doors for seamless transition between inside and outside.  London, UK 2016-17  Client: Private  Project Status: In progress/ Site works to commence in Spring 2017  Budget: Confidential
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